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Franz Serrano Evers Private & Business Immigration Services is a company led by its founder Franz Serrano Evers who set his primary residency in Spain more than 15 years ago and where he has large and important group of personal and professional relationships.

Spain is a favorite place for people of all countries, mainly from central and Latin America; for the ease of language and cultural chemistry. As well as the rest of Europe and Arab countries, Turkey and Russia. Franz Serrano Evers has created an opportunity you seek, which is to offer a large team of professionals and experts to provide comprehensive solutions in all aspects that are generated upon arrival in Spain, and by giving our customers the aid, advice and support needed at all levels during the migration process.

The company’s goal is to provide a comprehensive service tailored to each client according to his/her personal, family and/or business needs in order to help, advice and support throughout the process of arrival in the country. That means; everyone who is interested in settling in Spain will find our professional staff ready to guide through each of the following sectors:

The investor Customer The Family The Business


In legal immigration proceedings led by our firms of specialized lawyers with extensive experience and full knowledge of the Law of European Immigration which ensures better management of such important initial appearance where we recommend the best legal procedure in order to protect the interests and rights of our clients, their family and companies.


The International Tax planning is one of the most important aspects of any process of "re-location" where our clients are always guided by our financial experts and lawyers in each case to present a concrete outline of how must enter and manage money at home and avoid unexpected problems. It is a process of advice and support for opening accounts in the most recognized Spanish banks to generate the regional security, stability and confidence our customers require.


Spain is a country of great investment opportunities worldwide as recognized in Europe. It’s a country with a recovering economy which opens the door to invest in opportunities and become part of the new recovery that comes with great benefits in all sectors. We recommend a great list of business opportunities.


BUY: We have a variety of properties throughout Spain from a broad portfolio of clients, apartments owners, houses, residential buildings and offices, industrial buildings, lands etc ... We provide this to our customers directly, and in case you want to extend this portfolio we also have alliances with the best real estate agencies all over the country to always meet the needs of our client.

RENT: We offer a constantly-updated list with the best properties available in the market for rent. We accompany our clients to make the process of rental housing and offices as fast and effective as possible.


We are part of a large network of SAFE prestigious entrepreneurs in the country so you would be able to have access to massive investment opportunities that bring the enterprise into the market. Unique opportunities in all sectors where we have direct information from the source where clients will find a variety of opportunities and unique business that can be analyzed, studied and acquired safely always with the constant advice of all our professional staff.


Franz Serrano Evers, founding partner of the company, had experienced living in six countries and more than tens of cities. He has a primary objective and that is to be a cultural TRANSLATOR who makes the entry process into the country for the client and his/her families as smooth, FAST and EASY as POSSIBLE. The main goal of the entire team of our company is to provide a comprehensive service to expedite all processes and cover everything. From exiting the airport to being advised and accompanied throughout the process of rental or purchasing housing, as well as rental or purchasing of vehicles, enrollment in colleges and universities, staff recruitment service, insurance, tourism and leisure. Always supported by professional, knowledgeable and expert friendly staff.

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